Business Email Etiquette
Business Email Etiquette


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Learn how to compose e-mails that use proper etiquette and discover how a well-composed e-mail can impact your performance, perception, and professional success. Much of business communication today is conducted through e-mail, and establishing best practices is an important part of maintaining a professional image. You'll learn the essential parts of an e-mail and discover how to properly use each section, define appropriate salutations, closings and signatures, and understand the importance of tone and context. The course also helps with determining when e-mail might not be the best choice for communication. This 30-minute course includes self-reflection tools, quizzes and a final exam to help you quickly improve your business e-mail communication style. Real-life scenarios show how approaches can be implemented seamlessly into your everyday work routine.

Suggested Use:

PC & Mac System Requirements
• Turn off/disable popup blockers, 3rd Party cookies must be accepted, JavaScript must be enabled, Adobe Reader version 7+, Microsoft Office version 2003 or newer.

Browser Requirements
• Internet Explorer 9+, Google Chrome, Safari 3+, Firefox 3+. OpenSesame recommends using the newest browser versions whenever possible for improved security, performance and support.
• If your organization uses Internet Explorer, you must also add listed websites (where applicable) to trusted sites, make sure "Enable Protected Mode" is unchecked for trusted sites only and disable compatibility view for

Hardware Requirements
• 256 Mb RAM minimum, a computer with speakers or headphones, internet bandwidth: 512 kb/s+ recommended, computer processor: 450 MHz minimum, graphics card and high-resolution monitor supporting SVGA and screen resolution of 1024x768 or larger.

Mobile-Ready Testing Recommendations
• If you are planning for learners to access courses on a mobile device such as a tablet or smartphone, be sure to consider factors such as device screen size, device versions, operating system, mobile browser, LMS, etc., which will impact the learner's experience. It is highly recommended that you thoroughly test all courses using these devices to ensure compatibility and optimize the learner experience.
• Turn off/disable popup blockers

Firewall: Allow content from these websites
• https://*

Learning Objectives:

Learn the essential parts of an e-mail and how to use each effectively

Project a professional image by using proper etiquette in e-mail communication

Determine whether e-mail is the best method for specific business communication

Use strategies and best practices for composing professional business e-mails

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