Ethics and Code of Conduct
Ethics and Code of Conduct

Human Resources

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Business ethics plays an important role in the long-term health and success of an organization, as well as in you maintaining your good standing at your company. In this course, you'll learn the definition of business ethics, its benefits to you and your company, and how to ensure compliance with your company's Code of Conduct and applicable laws. You will learn how to apply the Code to a variety of ethical scenarios, such as conflicts of interest, gifting, information security, and record-taking. The course also explains about the right of employees to a safe, secure and healthy workplace.

This self-directed learning program takes approximately 50 minutes to complete. It includes engaging animation and audio narration, quizzes, a space to paste your company's policy, and a printable notepad.

Learning Objectives:

Comply with your company's Code of Conduct when confronted with ethical issues
Report ethics violations by following proper procedures

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