Crisis Management and Emergency Response Planning
Crisis Management and Emergency Response Planning

Disaster Recovery Plan

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This course teaches you how to safeguard your employees and the reputation of your organization with advance planning and with swift, effective actions during a crisis or emergency situation. We examine 2 key topics that can impact the survival of your business: crisis management and emergency preparedness. You will learn how to spot potential vulnerability in your organization and how to avert a crisis. 6 vital steps to developing an effective Emergency Response Plan are reviewed, along with how to evaluate the effectiveness of your plan. Quizzes throughout the course test your knowledge of the subject matter and there's a final test of course materials. Links to reference websites are shared for further detailed information on these important subjects. This 50-minute video reviews the different types of organizational crisis and explains how to develop and introduce an Emergency Response Plan to your workplace. A Certificate of Completion is offered for this course.

Learning Objectives:

Identify the types of crisis that organizations can experience
Explain the scope and content of an Emergency Response Plan (ERP)
Develop an ERP for your company that follows the 6 key steps
Evaluate the effectiveness of an existing or new ERP

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