OSHA - First Aid Fundamentals
OSHA - First Aid Fundamentals


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Focusing on the fundamentals of first aid, this course discusses your responsibilities as a first responder, and provides helpful advice on how to assess and respond to emergency situations. Beginning with the basics, you’ll review the definition and goals of first aid and review various legal and ethical issues, including one’s duty to act and obtaining consent. Moving on, you’ll learn the 3 main steps you should take when responding to an emergency. You’ll then explore ways of evaluating a victim’s mental state and injuries, and learn how to best assist an injured person until medical help arrives. Here you’ll learn what to do if someone is unconscious, whether you should move or repositioned an injured person, and how to assist someone experiencing shock. Presented with clear and easy-to-understand instructions, this first aid course will improve your understanding of when and how to respond to a first aid emergency.

Learning Objectives:

Recognize your legal and moral responsibilities as a first responder

Evaluate emergency situations and undertake the appropriate action

Provide support and care to an injured person until professional help arrives

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