Introduction to Risk Management
Introduction to Risk Management

Contingency Plan

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This course helps you determine what factors should be included in your organization’s approach to risk management by learning to identify, assess and evaluate risk. In this module we look at the role of discipline and governance in determining when risk is the right approach for your business, We present the 6 steps that are key to successfully managing risk. You will learn what factors create internal and external risk for your company and how to develop a contingency plan to help mitigate negative risk. This module uses simple examples to help frame the subject matter and poses short quizzes throughout to help test your knowledge. This course provides you with different insights into the aspects of risk and outlines what should be included in an organization’s risk management approach. Presented via a narrated video, the course takes approximately 50-minutes to complete. It is followed by a test of the materials and a Certificate of Completion.

Learning Objectives:

Identify the terminology associated with risk and risk management
Apply the 6 steps that are critical to the effective management of risk
Know how a contingency plan can mitigate the negative impact of risk
Monitor and review risk management measures to ensure they are effective

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