Maintaining A Drug-Free Workplace: Employee Edition
Maintaining A Drug-Free Workplace: Employee Edition

Human Resources

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Find out why all employees benefit from a drug-free organization with this online training course covering best practices and common policies for dealing with drug and alcohol abuse on the job. We'll review the basics of drug and alcohol use laws and outline the many advantages of upholding your company’s drug policy. You will also learn about drug-testing procedures you could be subject to at work. Finally, discover what steps to take if you or a co-worker are struggling with a substance abuse problem.

The 45-minute course features interactive presentation materials, audio narration, integrated exercises, sample scenarios, and a final quiz to guide employees through the keys of a drug-free work environment. A resource toolkit comes included, complete with glossary, drug list, and links to organizations that can help those with substance abuse issues.

Learning Objectives:

Implement appropriate practices to help maintain a productive drug-free workplace

Assess whether a co-worker is struggling with substance abuse by identifying common indicators

Prepare to uphold your company's drug policies

including potential drug-testing procedures

Take steps to get assistance if you are struggling with substance abuse issues

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